Encounters with God in Brazil

Just published! Encounters with God in Brazil by Dr. John Dyers, also author of his recent book Jesus – Dead or Alive? The Evidence

This book claims that God is directly involved in life’s situations, that in him we live and move and have our being.

The author describes how he was hit by a car and held at gunpoint in his own home. Why does God respond to some prayers and apparently not others? Where is he to be found? For those who feel that God’s intervention in human affairs can be explained as mere coincidence, these stories challenge that assumption.

Many of the stories are about real people, known personally to the author, during more than years of missionary service in Brazil. He tells movingly of the loss of his first two children and the miraculous healing of a sick child in the Amazon rainforest and of a young man cured of cancer, having been given two years to live by the doctors.

About Author

Dr. John Dyer is  Baptist minister having trained for the Christian ministry at Spurgeon’s College in London. He served in Brazil with the Baptist Missionary Society from 1978 to 2012. His main work in Brazil focused on leadership training for the churches. John is married to Maria and have one son, João Marcos, and two grandchildren, Aurora and Luís João.

With stories of faith, this is a book to amaze and inspire.

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