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For Those Being Crushed

Camilla Olims’ has just published her book, For Those Being Crushed. This book is intended to encourage, equip and persuade Christians to confront what may be our biggest ‘social justice’ blind spot – abortion.

For Those Being Crushed breaks down the pro-life position in a way that is accessible to the ordinary Christian. It emphasises the need to repent of our silence, to make this issue priority within our congregations and communities, and to look towards what is only possible with God -making abortion unthinkable.

Camilla has a BA Hons in English and American Literature, 2 years’ experience as a writer for Christian Concern, 2 years volunteering with CBR UK and 1 year serving as a trustee for crisis pregnancy helpline. She is also author of her personal blog – The Accessible Christian.

‘The sacrifice through abortion of millions of unborn children is the scandal of our age and it is shameful the way that so many Christians have been convinced to overlook it. This book – clear and challenging, passionate and persuasive, well-researched and well written – should change our attitudes and actions. Revd Canon J. John and Evangelist comments.

You can get your copy now!