Jesus Dead or Alive? – The Evidence

Just published! Jesus. Dead or Alive? The Evidence by Dr. John Dyers

This book investigates the resurrection appearances of Jesus, establishing their authenticity.

Special attention is given to the nature of the resurrection, body of Jesus, before and after the ascension. The evidence is gleaned from both the New Testament and secular literature.

Details from the biblical evidence are used for, the physical resurrection of Jesus and the arguments of those who deny that Jesus rose from the dead.

Consideration is given to the testimony of the church through the centuries and the importance of this for belief in the resurrection today.

About Author

“I am a Baptist minister having trained for the Christian ministry at Spurgeon’s College in London. I served in Brazil with the Baptist Missionary Society from 1978 to 2012. My main work in Brazil focused on leadership training for the churches. I am married to Maria and have one son, João Marcos, and two grandchildren, Aurora and Luís João.

I have already published two books: the first is the Portuguese translation of my PhD thesis on grassroots theological education in Brazil. This was published in Brazil in 2002. The second is a shortened version of the above in the original English. This was published independently in 2020.” – Dr. John Dyer

A truly amazing book that makes us think if Jesus is real the evidence presented shows that He is! – by Pastor Maria Yiangou

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