christian parallels

Extract from Christian Parallels

Trevor Summerlin’s book, Christian Parallels, Working Towards Spiritual Maturity Through the Medium of Skiing.

The book begins by assessing how essential it is for each person to develop a completely different approach to the way they see themselves, and everything around them. It then goes on to look at the various elements that contribute to a person’s experience as they progress into the world of skiing, including the development of specific skiing skills.

Here is an extract from the book:

I have always loved snow and have fond memories of building snowmen in our tiny back garden in Catharine Street, Cambridge, where I grew up.  Whenever there was a snowfall I would enjoy frequent snowball fights with the other kids in our street and we would often challenge each other in snow clearing races up and down the street until it was too dark to see.  One activity which always captivated us was making a long slide.  We did this by continually running at, and then skidding over a small patch of snow so that it became compressed and icy.  I think this was the precursor to snowboarding !

It was during the great ‘freeze’ of 1963 that I first saw the sea frozen.  My parents had taken me to visit an aunt in Hunstanton and I have vivid memories of staring in awe and amazement at the static sea and marveling at how whole trees had been covered with such a thick hoar frost that every twig and branch was highlighted in white.  The river Cam was frozen solid that year and I was able to witness cars being driven along it by some university students.  This prompted my mother to dig out her ice skates and persuade me to give this a try.  Her father had in the past competed in the ‘Champion of the Fens’ ice skating races so it seemed that there just might have been a winter sports gene in my family. – Extract from Christians Parallels

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