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Extract from Sweet Holy Spirit

This is a mind-blowing and inspirational memoir of a young boy from Africa, who had an encounter with the Person of the Holy Spirit in 2018. ‘Sweet Holy Spirit’ is written by Joshua Abraham. Here is an extract from his book:

He is our only Hope

All my life was full of sin, confusion and darkness when Jesus found me. There was nothing really about me worth anything good from him.

I lived my life in complete darkness, and gave all kinds of expressions to satisfy and gratify my fleshly desires. This world of mine was full of miseries and so much woe.

But Jesus placed his loving arms around me, that I could almost feel it in the physical that day.

He lighted darkness from every corner of my life, and brought me to such a wonderful realization of a possible walk I can start with Him. Indeed, no one has ever loved me like Him!

He washed me clean, forgave all my wickedness and gave me a new life entirely.

After Jesus saved me, He awakened within my inside, His Spirit (the Holy Spirit). It was like an unexplainable inner witness of His love and forgiveness, and as well, a distinguisher between Godly from ungodly and right from wrong.

His Spirit directed my life and strengthened me to live the exact kind of life He wanted for me. Divine purpose and destiny started becoming clearer and exciting.

Written by Joshua Abraham

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