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Extract from Sharing the Faith

Sharing the Faith, by Ali Ansarifar re-visits some important concepts in the bible which are central to the Judo-Christian faith and important in a proper understanding of God’s revelation and his expectations of us.

It covers these topics: the key message of the Gospel of Christ, God’s plan for advancing humanity, the narrow path to salvation, man’s relationship with God, God’s mercy and judgment on mankind, and understanding two millennia of the Judo-Christian history.

Here is a little preview of the book:

As a friend of Ali Ansarifar and his minister for some years I’m delighted to commend his ‘heart and mind’ reflections on the Christian Faith. For anyone inclined to brush aside Christianity as fanciful myth and of little relevance in a scientific age I would encourage a careful reading of Dr. Ansarifar’s well-reasoned account of the Judeo-Christian story set in the context of our human history, with the centrality of the person of Jesus Christ as pivotal and vital.  Ali Ansarifar’s scientific credentials speak for themselves and his approach to his ‘sharing the faith’ stems from deep rooted convictions about God and His purposes for humankind and also that scientific discipline which demands reason and cogency.

 Ali Ansarifar paints a large canvas.  He sees God’s ‘Grand Design’ as involving much more than the natural world and cosmos but a salvation plan for us as well.  From ancient Israel and the call of Abraham to more modern times Dr. Ansarifar takes us through the rise and fall of empires and belief systems.  It’s a big story which calls for more than a nod of assent.  The Gospel of Christ and the love of God demonstrated in the birth, life, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus of Nazareth demands heart and as well as mind. It is to be a partner with our Creator in His eternal purposes, to quote Isaac Watts something that “demands my life, my soul, my all.” – Extract from Chapter 1, Sharing the Faith, Ali Ansarifar

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