obaedo a redemption - christian books


This a story of a young woman and her overcoming through Christ her many travails.


How a decent girl with a good home upbringing and future, got caught up in the web of one of today’s modern churches that thrive on the subjective impulses and private impressions of their founders. They inevitably go down the road of shifting ecstasies and lasciviousness. She takes a heavy beating in her travails, which changed her life’s trajectory and almost led her down the path of ruin until a new dawn arose. Obaedo-A Redemption, Cliff Chima’s book is brutally frank and touches many of today’s contemporary issues. It uncovers many characters, the good, the bad and ugly, who all come to life in this intimate portrait of the girl, her sect, her travails and her redemption.


Author – Cliff Chima