christian parallels

Christian Parallels

Just published, Trevor Summerlin’s book, Christian Parallels, Working Towards Spiritual Maturity Through the Medium of Skiing.

A minister of the gospel with a prophetic calling. Have been a Pastor for 14 years being a general overseer for New Covenant Chapel Ministries in Manchester( United Kingdom) and Africa. I hold a Bachelor Honours degree in Contextual Theology and a Ministerial certificate ordained Reverend.

This book draws on my experience as an internationally qualified Ski Instructor and Coach and my time as a Baptist Pastor and Bible Teacher. I look at each aspect of downhill skiing in order to see what comparisons, or parallels, can be made with a person’s journey towards maturity in the Christian life. I have attempted to use a similar system to the one Jesus used to get His message across, by taking the everyday things people may encounter in the skiing world and applying the ‘parable’ principle to them.

My time as a Baptist minister and a Christian Counsellor have also enabled me to identify lots of similarities in the challenges and the obstacles that people face on their Christian journey. I have therefore included many personal observations and assessments of how people might benefit from facing and dealing with these sorts of issues.

I hope this book will encourage the avoidance of any kind of complacency as people seek to move forward in the Christian life and that it will help them look beyond what can be seen merely in the physical dimension. We are, after all, spiritual beings, although we live for the moment, in a physical body and relate to the world around us through our physical senses.

The book begins by assessing how essential it is for each person to develop a completely different approach to the way they see themselves, and everything around them. It then goes on to look at the various elements that contribute to a person’s experience as they progress into the world of skiing, including the development of specific skiing skills.

Trevor Summerlin

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