The heart of the father

The Heart of a Father

Just published, Bill Thompson’s book, The Heart of a Father.

The book is the culmination of a heart-felt longing to see fathers in the faith arise. My experience in working with Christian men has highlighted that many can come to faith, but few embark upon the adventure their Heavenly Father has in store for them.

Bill Thompson was born in Edinburgh and, having spent some years in banking, he moved into social work. Over the following 25 years, Bill occupied a number of roles in residential care and some senior management. From there, he was invited to the part of the pastoral team in a large church on the outskirts of Edinburgh. One of his roles was in developing a ministry among men, enabling them to find their identity in Christ. As the work developed, God revealed to Bill what it is to be a father in the faith.


In each chapter of the book it reveals different facets of the Father Heart of God, and how we can overtime look to embrace and even embody these. By doing so we can leave a lasting legacy.

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