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Towards Effective Teaching

This new book, by Edwin Pugh, draws on examples from the Gospels looking at some of the methods Jesus used in teaching his disciples his spiritual truths.

It shows how he captivated the imaginations of those listening, how he instilled them with God’s truths and equipped them to do His work. Examples are given of him preaching, , giving a demonstration, using a case-study, setting a project and mentoring his followers.

Teaching is not just about technique. It is about who you are. Drawing on Jesus we look at the qualities required to be an effective Christian teacher. This book is written for those who wish to become better teachers as well as those who are interested in catching a glimpse of the techniques Jesus used.


“I am a retired medical consultant and professor. I have been involved in medical education and the teaching of educational theory and practice to medical staff for many years. I hold a qualification in medical education. I am also a Christian and have been involved in teaching for many years as part of Christian service both in the UK and overseas. “

– Edwin Pugh