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Black Authors: Joshua Abraham – Sweet Holy Spirit

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Sweet Holy Spirit is written by Joshua Abraham.

All through my years in Christianity, the most astonishing discoveries I’ve made, that has never stopped exciting me, is the fact that; “ The Holy Spirit is a Person”.

Anyone who; reasons, has feelings and respond to effects can be qualified as a Person.

God the Holy Spirit reasons; i.e. He has the capacity to consciously make sense of things, establish and verify facts, apply logic and justify practices and beliefs based on new or existing information. – Job 13:3

There’s nothing else that qualifies a ‘Person’ other than the above factors. God the Holy Spirit is a Person, He has a precious Personality.

It’s so unfortunate that so many believers are still yet to relate with this truth. To profit anything from this write up, you must first and foremost, come to terms with this truth that; the HOLY SPIRIT is a Person!

When we meet His Person, and get to know His Personality, we are able to see how sweet He is; so precious and kind.

Written by Joshua Abraham

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