loneliness versus being alone

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Loneliness Versus Being Alone
by Julie Porter

Julie Porters’ book, Loneliness versus Being Alone, soon to be published!

As of November 2020 4.2million people in England identified themselves as lonely and 3 out 4 Americans said they had experienced loneliness.  This is the opportune moment in time for a book like ‘Loneliness versus Being Alone’ to hit the shelves! The book has been helpfully dissected into two parts just for you.

Part One – Loneliness: What is its definition? Why do people succumb to it? How do we overcome it?

Part Two – Being Alone: What does ‘being alone’ mean? Is there really any good reason for choosing solitude?

‘Loneliness versus Being Alone’ is also an exploration into the depths of the Bible. What does it say about the topic and how can it help you overcome loneliness and be content in solitude?

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