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Extract from Ahab – The Real Authority Behind Jezebel

Ahab, The Real Authority Behind Jezebel by Sandi Niven focuses on Ahab, and the spiritual power they have over the person with a Jezebel spirit.

 The author outlines in her book that all authority that a Jezebel spirit has over a person who has the Jezebel spirit comes from a person with the Ahab spirit. Many teachings and books have been preached and written about Jezebels in the church but not on Ahabs and that is what Sandi Niven looks to address in her book. For example, the personality traits seen in an Ahab spirit and how a church organization can identify such a personality traits. She talks about other spiritual powers such as Divination, Seducing and Controlling spirits that can inhabit people and their influence.

AHABExtract from the book

Chapter 2
Ahab’s Characteristics / Personality Traits

To understand how the Ahab spirit opens the door to Jezebel and her cohorts we need to look at what constitutes an Ahab-type personality. This means we need to look at Ahab, the person, to see who we’re dealing with. What is it about him that gives Jezebel authority?

Once I understood that this Ahab spirit, or personality type, was the open door which gave Jezebel authority and power, things became a whole lot clearer.

Instead of closing the door to the one who relegates or even delegates that authority, we have focussed on the Jezebel spirit and left the door of access wide open. This, I believe, is the reason we’ve been so ineffective in dealing with the spirit of Jezebel and, as we will later see, the spirit of divination.

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