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Extract from Voice in the Wilderness

Out Now! Linda Plant’s second book with us, Voice in the Wilderness.

Here’s what it is all about…

For the Christian there is no promise that the sun will always shine and that winter winds will be kept from our experience. We set out upon a great adventure of faith, it is a journey of life and perhaps the turning of the road will be much different that we could have ever expected! For us, this was a journey set in God’s calling and answered faithfully.

Here’s an extract for you…

voice in the wilderness

At this time I had little concept of revival and had never really read about it or given the subject any focused study. However, through our living in the church and the work we were involved with; more and more we became aware of the need for a new place of blessing and the wonder that renewal brings into the life of church. We were in a church which had for many years known the riches of the moving of the Holy Spirit, but even so, very slowly a tiredness creeps in, we slip into something less and have not even noticed.
One day I was walking along a corridor in the church building, I can see it now as if it had just this moment happened. A very ordinary day just doing very normal things. How amazing it is that when the Holy Spirit chooses to open to us a window in heaven, always we are caught unawares. Then it is that what was the very ordinary becomes bathed in heavenly light and will never ever be either the same again nor will it fade from our memory. I did not instigate it. Nor did I realise that it was to bring about a seismic shift in my thinking about church and how we go about our ‘doing of church.’
There came to me at this moment a sudden opening up of, the first, of a series of scriptures. It was as though a great light shone and I both saw and understood in a new way. I was taken up into the
heavens and the light of the Glory of God transformed my life for ever. I stood still in the corridor and it seemed that everything around me became distant, while my heart and mind were flooded with the piercing light of heaven. Further to that, it happened again, over the next few days four passages of scripture were opened up to my understanding in a deep incisive way. Each piece of scripture came again as a direct intervention of the Holy Spirit. Now they came together as a pattern which flowed on, one from the other; each extending the vision until it became a whole and complete picture, given by the Spirit.
The Lord initiated this place within my heart for Himself and it seemed to me as though heaven itself had opened up, revealing truth, bringing direction and purpose. It brought to me a vision of revival and as it were, a heavenly plan for God’s intervention in our lives as His church. – by Linda Plant

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