the gift

Extract from The Gift

Ann Nunn’s book (assisted by Liz Leach Murphy), The Gift, takes a refreshing approach to painting an honest picture of the raw realities of being a Family Carer based on her first-hand experience, and explores how Ann’s Christian faith has been her lifeline and supported her through challenging times, whilst featuring practical teaching methods that can unlock the potential of a child living with learning difficulties.

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Here is an extract from her book:

No-one to confide in
I was 21 and still very young at the time. None of my family members or friends had a similar job to the one I had at the hospital and this meant that I had no-one to confide in and talk to about what I was experiencing and observing. I didn’t have a role model or family member to take counsel with.

At that time there was nothing out of the ordinary about having huge hospitals/institutions to house people who “didn’t fit” into civil society. There was also nothing unusual about how Claybury Hospital was run as this is what was expected in these sorts of places. These types of hospitals were all over the place – thankfully that has changed, although institutional thinking still exists, and it can govern the way people are supported and treated by society.

When I now think about this place and I reflect on my time and experience there I still feel sad; it was a sad place and a place in which I would not be happy to have any family member or loved one of mine.

Through the community care movement of the 1990s and the initiative for people to be able to remain in their community and return to the community, Claybury Hospital was closed. There was a public inquiry held in 1997 and since the hospital’s closure the building has been converted into luxury apartments.

By Ann Nunn

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