What is involved in publishing?

As a Christian Book Publisher, we help Christian authors like yourself publish quality books from start to finish. Our services include:

Custom Book Cover Design – This includes the use of up to 10 images (depending on publishing package you choose), build out of spine and back cover layout; and you can make changes until you love it!

Professional Proofing and Editing – We ensure the Interior Book Layout matches the styling of the book cover. This adds to the readers experience so you want it to be right for the message your book conveys.

Book illustration – We have helped authors to make their illustrated books come to life so that the reader can enjoy.

Book Printing – You can purchase copies of your book, as many you want, for the author price. Most authors these days publish to online entities that use on demand printing when your book is ordered.

Book Publishing & Global Distribution – We’ll help you reach the world with global distribution including Amazon, Barnes & Noble and major online retailers.

Kindle & eBook Formatting – We’ll help get your book ready and published up to Amazon Kindle – that’s 65% of the e-book market.

Book Promotion – Now that your book is published, it’s time to market it to the world!

You can do Book Readings in your local area or now it is getting more common to do a book release online via Zoom.

In our most popular package, Platinum, we provide Posters that can be used to advertise your book in bookstores or your church, for example.

On our website, we advertise a banner on the homepage with a link to buy; and send social media announcements on our blog, Facebook and Twitter.

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