Vitamins for the Soul

Vitamins for the Soul

Just published! Vitamins for the Soul by Alan K. Scotland about facing challenges that test our resilience and we all need to nurture our vitality. Every one of us has a soul and we have a responsibility to take good care of it by pursuing what God wants for our lives and discover our sense of purpose and meaning. 

The true stories in this book may remind you of your own struggles. They are written to be of sustenance when you feel alone and in need of God’s love. Let them nourish you and bless you with the knowledge that, even when life is at its most difficult, help is closer than you think. With God’s blessing, I trust and pray that you will find strength and comfort in the pages that follow.


Alan K ScotlandAbout Author

Alan K. Scotland has been engaged in Christian ministry for over 50 years, spending most of his time working with church groups in the US, UK and throughout the world. He has helped many people facing personal difficulties, often when they had given up hope. It is his fervent wish to pass on their stories so that others may gain strength and find a way out of the prison of despair.

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