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Review of Evidence For Conviction

Evidence For Conviction – A Detectives Journey Into Examining The Credibility Of The Christian Faith by @randal.porter is a book that explores the evidence of topics such as grace, Jesus and the resurrection.

At the time of writing I had spent the best part of 17 years investigating crime. The business end of what law enforcement officers do is present evidence before a court with the objective of achieving a conviction so that justice can be served. However there is another meaning for the word conviction. That deep feeling of trust we can develop that makes us believe something to be true and right. Sometimes that feeling runs very deep indeed, and it is that deep feeling that Christianity is a plausible evidence based faith based on historical factual events, that has inspired the title of this book.


Firstly I must say that I know Randal to be a sound man of God and one that is unwavering in his faith. It is on this faith that he has stepped out to write about such personal and deep experiences, something most of us only dream about doing.
This book has come at an important time in my life. The very title has challenged my level of faith in many ways. Reading this book you will find inspiration and encouragement. It will challenge your thinking on the Holy Scriptures, The Holy Trinity, Life and Death, Heaven and Hell.
Once I began reading Evidence For Conviction, I found it hard to put down. Every free moment I had, I found myself reaching for this book. Randal has clearly written from the heart as well as a police officer filled with the Spirit of God. If you are not a believer in God, then I challenge you to read this book and remain where you are. If you are already a Christian, then you too can be enlightened and have your level of knowledge increased as you read.
I hope and pray that A Seed of Faith finds its way into Schools, Colleges, homes and churches worldwide. It is a much needed resource and a great introduction to the Christian faith.
My prayer for you the reader, is that you are blessed beyond measure as you read and search your heart. My prayer for the writer Randal, is that you pray for inspiration to write a follow up as soon as possible.
Michael Smith MBE

Evidence for Conviction is available now!

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