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Extract from Life Happens

Life Happens by the author Lisa Ilunga

Through ups and downs we go through in life, things might get really tough that we find ourselves stuck, confused and lost and choose to stay like that by fear of what might come next. Birthed from a personal life experiences, this book aims to encourage today youth to, no matter what, keep up with the race of life with Jesus being our foundation and God our provider.

“Just days before, I found myself wondering several questions about life and I struggle to face the sunlight with hope that , although it might be hot out there, the freshness of the evening will end up coming by. And yet, out of nowhere, in a most unexpected way, I learned of the death of two people I used to know, to see, to talk to. I remember stopping and asking myself what was happening, what was going to happen next, who was next, when was next and how was next going to be. It is funny to see how we, most of the time, think we still have time, forgetting that , time never has a friend. We reschedule for tomorrow our happiness, our mission, our ministry and even the people we are to reach, thinking we own tomorrow but what if tomorrow never come, what if tomorrow was to show up with half of the people we know, what if tomorrow was to show up with half of the opportunities we have today, what if tomorrow was to come with different circumstances, what if tomorrow was to show us without us..”
Written by Lisa Lunga

She says:

“This book comes as a result of trusting God and believing that His Word is the only comfort zone on which we can rely and this qualifies me to present myself as an author for far from any degree or system qualification that one might want to prove through an achievement, I am just a disciple wanting to spread God’s word and glorify Jesus through it all.”

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