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Extract from the Author John Lloyd’s Book

An Understanding of thou Jesus Christ in the Name of Romans by author John Lloyd.
Jesus Christ had so many stories to tell, and a message which resonates down through the centuries. But there’s always one story which Jesus never told any of His followers… his own.
In A Western Understanding of Jesus Christ, John Lloyd tells this story. From the adventures of young Jesus to the work of His disciples in he last year of His life, John takes us through the places and people that took it upon themselves to carry out the work of Jesus. With an original and creative style, John presents a fresh take on one of the greatest stories ever told.

“Pontius Pilate gets to the property with the Roman guard the Praetorian outside, and sees 500 Italians holding a white lower, and a candle outside. And goes in the property and says to St Peter with his beard shaved off. “I can now see your face, and now the Roman well see you Peter, and hear you!” then St Peter said in Roman Italian Latin. “the time now Pontius has come for Rome to see me, blessed is the Roman Italian, who is with candle in one hand, and a white flower in the other, as God the Almighty Down in the End!” And then St Peter said these words, “that it is said, Pontius that you will make a Roman god, within this month!” and then said “you must keep your distance from me, or you will get into trouble, so I will see you in the senate, and hopefully I am not going to get killed in the next couple of days by a punishment!” and then Pontius Pilate said, “Goodbye Peter, see you there.” and then Pontius Pilate leaves the room, of the Roman property and leaves in an carriage and horses. “

Written by John Lloyd

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