Seven Times Brighter by Cath Sheridan

web_seven_times_brighter-cover - christian booksJust published! Seven Times Brighter: A Story of Identity, Purpose, Hope and The Battle for our Treasure by Cath Sheridan. In this book we get to witness the promises of our Father unfold, against a backdrop of heartbreak and loss, we also get to see how Satan strategically builds a database of unique intelligence around the general weaknesses of humankind.

This is no ordinary story. This is a story that belongs to us all. This is a story about treasure…treasure, that if used well and as intended, will not only set us up for greatness, but also deliver the plans and purposes of heaven. It’s not financial treasure, no, it’s way more valuable than that – this treasure is you and it’s me – we are the treasure, we are heaven’s solutions. We carry the crazy wonderful purposes that heaven is depending on. That heaven designed with precision and placed deliberately within us before our precious feet touched this earth. Yes, we arrived with a mission!

But….. wait, there is one, who licks his lips and wriggles his wizened fingers at the thought of getting his filthy hands on you and I and our valuable treasure and he is a master of illusion and trickery – and he is an extremely patient observer. So, as we begin to dig into the one who created our treasure, to find the purpose we were created for; to find the crazy wonderful ‘ME’; we must first learn how to outsmart the one who knows its value and potential – way more than we know ourselves!

Cath Sheridan would instinctively describe herself as a ridiculously proud Momma, a Nomad, a ponderer and a relentless and passionate pursuer of purpose! Besides being a creative and gifted wordsmith, she is also a professional Business and Marketing Strategist, who’s spent much of her career developing and delivering organisational and customer value, by simply getting to know people well and caring about what they care about.

With an uncanny ability to somehow ‘see’ the unseen and ‘hear’ the unspoken, Cath is steadfast in her resolve to make sense of the fabulous, the not so fabulous, the unconventional and the downright peculiar that is ‘ME’ and that is ‘YOU’. “Life is messy and wonderful and crazy and perilous and beautiful and painful and blessed and disappointing…… And God so graciously uses ALL of it, if we’d only turn up as ourselves and say “YES! Seven Times Brighter is God birthed, God breathed and hopefully a raw, transparent and revelatory testimony that I pray brings Him ALL the glory as it brings others. freedom, life and hope.”

CSAs a longstanding member of Crossgate Church in the North West of England, Cath leads the Church Intercessors Ministry, has run classes on discovering purpose, led various small groups, continues to be heavily involved in the building design and creative team, along with being part of the mid-week teaching/ speaking team. Everything else there is to know about her (EVER!) is in the book!

In this honest, raw, often funny, often tender; yet heart wrenching and gritty retelling, Cath walks us through her ‘whole’ story. Using her wonderfully vivid and visionary storytelling style, that draws readers right into the room with her, this book gloriously unveils the divine calling on our lives, whilst shining a spotlight on how the great deceiver comes to steal, kill and destroy. It serves as both a promise and a warning!

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