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Book Review on Flawless

Book Review by the Evangelical Times

It’s rare in these days to see someone coming to Christ ‘from out of the world’. But Victoria Kulczycka’s testimony of her conversion in 2011 is a welcome proof of God’s power to save whomever, whenever, and however he chooses.

The author’s story featured in last December’s Evangelical Times, but is here fleshed out in fuller detail, including her unbelieving childhood in Yorkshire and her move to seek stardom in Hollywood. Her increasing success and associated party lifestyle are what many people dream of. Yet the aching dissatisfaction she felt was God’s way of preparing her for a sudden transition from complete unbelief to a vibrant Christian faith – literally overnight. – See full review here

If you are going through difficult times, find hope through the author’s testimony and experiences of God’s grace in her life. Flawless by Victoria Kalzyka is available now!