Christian Books for Children

Are you looking for some Christian children’s books to read to your children? Reading books to our children helps them learn and improve language skills for communication. With Christian you get the added benefit of teaching them about their Creator and Christian values. As families spend more time together in these unprecedented times, what better time to read to your children beautiful stories and share important times together.

Some children’s books available to entertain them this holidays are:

Jungle Tales

Jungle Tales

A wonderful children books based on two main animal characters (Lenny and Mick) who get up to comical adventures with each story ending with a biblical teaching. Great for children ages 8 – 16!

The Greatest Tales

When a group of children are talking about heaven and how to get there, a wise old women interrupts them – she wants to tell them a story. The children love stories, so they settle down to listen to an amazing story about the discontented Sam who lives in a town called Rainbow. After listening to Mr. Bright going on and on about some ‘fabulous treasure’, Sam decides to search for it. One day, armed with a packed lunch, he chases a rainbow right out of town, hoping to find the famed pot of gold at the end of it. But to his great disappointment, the rainbow disappears. Frustrated, he goes in search of Mr. Bright who finally tells him that the greatest treasure he can have is to ‘ask Jesus into [his] heart’. Sam is so pleased to have finally found this real treasure that impulsively, he gives the old man his lunch.

Humpfrey & the Hug of Bears

Follow Humpfrey and his friends as they encounter situations in their daily lives which reflect one of the Ten Commandments. Meet Robert who was light fingered but was persuaded to turn over a new leaf and stop stealing. Then learn how Victor had a valuable lesson in putting God first before his X-Box and computer. The hug of bears have fun along the want.

All available now!