the gift

The Gift

Just published Ann Nunn’s book (assisted by Liz Leach Murphy), The Gift!

The Gift takes a refreshing approach to painting an honest picture of the raw realities of being a Family Carer based on my first-hand experience, and explores how my Christian faith has been my lifeline and supported me through challenging times, whilst featuring practical teaching methods that can unlock the potential of a child living with learning difficulties. We have researched the market and have not found any other publication that features the range of issues that we overcame as a family; a son with a rare disability, a husband with significant mental health issues, home teaching, poverty and homelessness.

A qualified and former nurse, I have spent the last 45 years Caring for my son, Simon who lives with autism and Cri Du Chat Syndrome. My Caring role included teaching Simon how to read and home-schooling him in a variety of subjects after his school said he wouldn’t be able to be educated. My position as a Family Carer was a dual one, caring for Simon whilst also caring for my late husband, Peter who lived with Schizophrenia and, in recent years, dementia.
A lifelong practicing Christian, I have always sought out a local church no matter where we have lived. These church communities and God have been my refuge and strength during testing and emotional times.
For me, the biggest source of strength, love and inspiration has been the Lord Jesus. It is my Faith in the Lord that has spurred me on to participate in campaigning, initiatives and Caring groups to help improve the lives of my fellow Carers. I have also had the privilege of writing and publishing articles about my experiences educating Simon in magazines and publications related to Caring, for example in The Nursing Times and Community Living. 

By Ann Nunn

Available to purchase now!