Extract from How to Advance in the Kingdom of Heaven

Colin Elliott’s book ‘How to Advance in the Kingdom of Heaven While Battling the Sin Nature’, is now available!Colin Elliott

What it’s about…

This book will encourage you to enjoy the journey of faith by highlighting common pitfalls that can frustrate your spiritual growth, while encouraging you to run the course set out for you!

How to Advance in the Kingdom of Heaven_finalHere’s an extract…

Chapter 2 –Trusting God for your future prosperity

During the very intense times of our battle to walk obediently with God, we become very aware of our own weaknesses and the need for God’s strength.  As I was writing this passage I was in physical pain. Many questions were bouncing around in my head as to why I have to suffer in this way.  How can I do anyone any good like this?  Moreover, my many previous ailments only seemed to reinforce my weaknesses, not my faith.  All my thoughts were on relief and the lack of God’s help.  I know he can heal, so why am I going through this?  All my previous attempts to grow in faith seem to lead me from one trial to the next.

During this time ‘hope’ was just a four letter word with very little meaning in my life, to the point where I would say to myself ‘I want out’, or ‘I’ve had enough!’  If I were to tell you that I felt any other way, I would be lying to you.  My mind was not short of suggestions either, as to how I could temporarily escape from my condition, many of them worldly.  Standing back and looking at such situations from a position of faith, I found extremely difficult.  I also knew that this is exactly what I had to do.

This is the battle ground of faith for the believer where the ‘…weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds…’    (2 Corinthians 10:4 NKJV).  During such times let your hurt be known and continue to seek God.  Your honesty in prayer during these times will not alienate you from his presence; we all struggle with difficulties that challenge our faith at times.  However, we must strive to ensure that the difficulty does not have the final word on any present circumstance, which is contrary to what God has promised us personally, or through his word.

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