Sweet Dreams Tanya book by Danielle Tanner

Sweet Dreams Tanya

Just published! Sweet Dreams Tanya by Danielle Tanner is about daring to be different!

Devout Christians, 14-year-old Tanya and her mother Keisha are about to experience some changes in their lives that will need them to call on their faith.

Tanya has Waardenburg Syndrome, which causes her to have a dark skin with bright blue eyes, giving her insecurities about fitting in. Bible characters like David, Samuel, and the beautiful Esther appear in stories in her dreams, as though reinforcing her faith to help her overcome her insecurities.

Meanwhile, Keisha uncovers a dangerous secret in her workplace that ultimately leads to the murder of a person close to them in a terrible case of mistaken identity. Now Keisha needs to somehow ensure that she and Tanya remain hidden from the killer.

About Author

Danielle Tanner has a passion for writing and have been writing fiction and non-fiction Christian content for over a year. Sweet Dreams, Tanya is her debut novel. She has also written a Children’s book soon to be published.

This book it highlights overcoming past hurts, insecurities, loss and tragedy through faith in God. A must read.

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