My Journey Through Creationism

My Journey Through Creationism

My Journey Through CreationismJust published! My Journey Through Creationism by Nicholas Berardo. This first book in the two part series is an introduction to answering the questions, such as Can we really trust evolution? Is the Bible true? Did God create everything as it says in Genesis 1:1?

If we believe the evolution model like the Big Bang, scientists could not for decades confirm what caused it and how it was caused. From the 1950’s to 1980’s there was no absolute answers established.

The book will also look at what the Bible says about creationism and how its overwhelming factors far supersede evolution.

‘The writer has done an amazing job to prove humans were created by God’

-Pastor Maria Yiangou, Senior Pastor of Victory in Christ Ministries

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Book Two in this series COMING SOON!