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Extract from To God Be The Glory

Have you ever heard God calling you to do something and you do it? To God be the Glory by Keith & Pauline Evans is a book about what happens when you answer God’s call.


My testimony is all about God’s great love, mercy, grace and patience with a lost soul. This first story is of a change, from knowing of Jesus (through scripture) to knowing Him personally.

I was brought up in an Anglican church and can’t remember a time when I didn’t go to church, starting as a young boy in Sunday School and later maturing to ‘proper’ church services. I was confirmed at eleven years of age. I’d always believed that Jesus was God’s Son, so getting confirmed was a natural step. I was becoming a member of the Anglican Church! After confirmation I helped as server in the sanctuary, cut the grass and stoked the boiler for the aged vicar – all jobs I enjoyed doing. I started playing piano at 13. A year later sat on the organ stool and was hooked! I became an organist and choirmaster at the age of seventeen. – Extract from To God be the Glory, Keith & Pauline Evans


About the Authors

Keith: Church man from Sunday school to 34 years of age. I have always loved church. Server in the sanctuary after confirmation, lifelong organist from age 14. Gave my life to Jesus at age 34 after God audibly called me to ‘More’ over two years. Baptised in the Spirit as I gave my life to Jesus. The book tells of God’s grace, call and direction over the following 32 years.

Pauline: I can’t remember a time when I didn’t love Jesus as my parents were always very involved in church leadership. From an early age I knew that Jesus was special and that He loved every part of me. I became a teacher and I was truly blessed as I loved being with children. Yes, there have been times when I struggled with accepting that I was good enough to receive His love, but when I look back I can see that God has always walked with me in the valleys and on the mountaintops and there have many times when I have been amazed how our great God has used me in the big and little things of life.


To God be the Glory is available now!