Autism Love And Neurosis (A.L.A.N)

We’re so excited to announce Jacqueline Freeston’s book is here!

A true story of a prayer, the spare room that came because of that prayer and a promise made to God should that prayer be answered.

An inspiring book about the lives of twenty-five strangers who occupied a spare room. It also tells of the authors son Alan who had autism.

Talking about everyday life, the author transports you, as if it could be your life with its trails and hurts, they everyone may go through.

The creation of each person from my memory, paints a moment, a subconscious thought of each person gone before.

Jacqueline’s prayer is, that the reader will have the veil lifted from their eyes, to see that when Jesus said, ‘I will never leave you’, he never did.

About Author

Jacqueline Freeston is a humble Christian who loves writing and follows the Lord’s word, seeking his guidance to grow and to overcome. See is a remarkable women with a gift for storytelling.

‘…a remarkable woman with a gift for storytelling and a vivid and rich life to write about. The death of her son Alan is the tragic focal point of a life lived for others….However you will discover many joyful and humorous stories…left me wanting to know more….I highly recommend it. – John Pantry

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