Zara & Zach Book Series

The Adventures of Zara & Zack

The series The Adventures of Zara & Zack written by Daniell Tanner.

Danielle Tanner has just published a series of four books, which include ‘The Adventures of Zara & Zack in Kenya’, ‘The Adventures of Zara & Zack – The Kidnapping’, ‘The Adventures of Zara & Zack: The Treasure Hunt’, ‘The Adventures of Zara and Zack: The Wizard of Atan’ and ‘The Adventures of Zara & Zack: The Amusement Park’

The series are books that target children ages 8 – 11 years of age and talk about how two young people get into great little adventures and how they see God moving in each adventure with them.


‘Brilliant children’s books! Pastor Maria Yiangou, Senior pastor of Victory in Christ Ministries, London, UK



About the Author

Danielle Tanner is a financial crime investigator by profession, a job that she really enjoys. She has been an anti-money laundering and compliance professional working within the financial services industry for the last six years.

However, she also has a passion for writing and have been writing fiction and non-fiction Christian content for over a year. A decade ago, she felt an urge from the Lord to start writing. This was further confirmed prophetically by men and women of God over the years.

Sweet Dreams, Tanya is her debut novel. She has also written a Children’s book soon to be published.

She is married to a lovely, understanding and supportive man who has to put up with her long hours working and writing.