loneliness versus being alone

Loneliness Versus Being Alone

Just published! Loneliness versus Being Alone, the Journey from Isolation to Beautiful Solitude by Julie Porter.

Over 4 million people in England identified themselves as lonely. This book explores in the Bible, what it says about the topic and how it can help you overcome loneliness and be content in solitude.

Split in two parts, the book helpfully dissects:

Part One – Loneliness: What is its definition? Why do people succumb to it? How do we overcome it?

Part Two – Being Alone: What does ‘being alone’ mean? Is there really any good reason for choosing solitude?

julie porterJulie Porter has always had a deep love of writing and have been writing poems, short stories and songs for over 30 years. On many occasions performed poetry in public and songs  sung by her local church. So why write this book? There has always been a driving desire to put her thoughts onto paper and has many unpublished material. However, after many years of research on the topic of loneliness and solitude as well as an ongoing general observation of others and finally her own personal experiences, she feels now is the right time to launch out and have her work published.

Loneliness Versus Alone is available to buy now!