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Spiritual Reflections by Benjamin Neesham

Just published! Spiritual Reflections takes the reader on a tour through the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, providing an insight into many well-known verses, as well as some that might be a little more obscure.

The primary intention of this devotional-style text is to introduce people to Jesus, in a way that dispels many of the myths about Him that are perpetuated by the secular media, and sadly reinforced by numerous church-based organisations. We know from Scripture that God is the very definition of love, and these reflections demonstrate the extent to which He was willing to give the best that He has, in the form of His Son, to release us from judgement, into eternal glory, provided that we are willing to accept His free gift of salvation.

While historical context and exposition abound, this book goes beyond exegetical analysis to bring the Scriptures to life, in a way that enables the reader to apply Biblical principles to their twenty-first century lives. There is something here for everyone: the seasoned believer will find new insights into God’s Word and encouragement to face the challenges that are integral to our time here on earth, while new Christians will be nourished by the rich experience of encountering Jesus in the pages of the Old Testament, as well as the New. However, ‘Spiritual Reflections’ has primarily been written for people who have not yet accepted Jesus as their Saviour, or who may be struggling to find relevance in their faith. All of the major topics, such as physical pain, grief and injustice, that can frequently be seen as stumbling-blocks to faith, are addressed, using Scripture to demonstrate the reassuring truth that God is in control.

About Author

“I spent my formative years in the south of England: first in Sussex, and then Cornwall, before moving to Wales, which is still the place that I regard to be home.  I  relocated to the Isle of Lewis in 2004 and, although my professional qualification is in statistics, I have always had a love of writing.  My only published work to date is a small collection of poems, ‘Just A Plain Old Joe’, but work-related projects that led to me drafting various bulletins and training guides gave me the confidence to believe that writing prose may be within my capability.” – Benjamin Neesham

This book can never be a substitute for daily Bible reading, but for anyone who doesn’t yet know the Lord, it’s the perfect introduction!

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