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Effective Communication Between Religion & Authors

Effective Communication Between Religion and Authors … By Leena Patel


There are two categories people fall into: 1) Writing for an audience, and, or, 2) Writing for yourself.

Who says being an author is easy? It is not. There is a criteria by which all potential authors should consider. It is easy to get carried away as a potential author, simply because people think it is simple due to being isolated and comfortable in their home environment.  Again, anybody can self publish since contemporary publishing has opened up so many avenues. However, what is the essence of having a book published and eventually it just sits sadly on the shelf, only accompanied by it’s identical siblings?

Question: What criteria should Authors be aware of?


Who is your audience?

For instance, if you were writing a Christian children’s book, would you write using simple words, or, would you write using adult words?

The establishing perspective of who the audience is you are writing for, will determine the way you write and how you write it with the added consideration of whether images are required, and, what type of images.

As an author you are offering a credit which has a huge impact of important factors, such as: being responsible and accountable for published works in the perspectives of – social, academic and financial implications. Therefore, it is vital to have an insurance of self agenda to follow accurately; any contributions of the concept of any artwork, acquiring the such, interpretation and analysis of data work appropriately; any works drafted should be revised critically; the final draft should be approved for this version to be published;, and, finally, taking responsibility to being accountable in making sure of the contents accuracy.

There is also the further added complication once the book is complete. What comes next and how do I work towards the tasks of putting the whole book together ready for publishing. Already it is clear this road to publishing is far from straight and narrow; in fact, there are bends and side roads appearing.

This is the reason why most authors choose publishing companies. It is then ensured with an agreement between the publishers and the authors the complete manuscript will be professionally analysed with editing and proofing the context. The worse humiliation would be to be confronted with public who have read the book and criticize the author for huge grammatical errors, sentences that don’t connect in the correct context, and even, if I am to be mean, ridicule artwork that is totally inappropriate for the audience and genre of the book.

The final horns of a dilemma will come when considering who will buy the book, how will the public become aware of it, and, what exactly do I need to do? Well. If you came this far and reflected on this last but least of all important hill, you did well. Since, many seem to be simply content that they hold a published, final masterpiece in their hands and they deservedly can now be addressed as successful authors. In reality, this is absolutely not the case.

The completed publishing is required to be registered, which allows bookstores to search for potential authors of diverse genres to be considered. Of course, at this stage, the process is still not as simple, simply because a barcode and ISBN needs to be allocated. Furthermore, an appropriate and successful marketing and advertising task needs to be executed.

Question: As a potential author, have you considered all of this and much more? Instead of gruelling yourself and putting so much unnecessary stress on your shoulders – go to the experts and let them take away the headache and give you the deserved support to write at ease.


We all lead lives with twists and turns. Our religious experiences and journey accumulate and recorded. However, the effective communication between our Godly experiences written, deserve to be read and recognised widely for what the author intended.