Tales of Healing

Just published! Tales of Healing, Stories of those who came to Jesus for healing and who found their lives profoundly changed, by Rosi Morgan-Barry, also author of Tales of the Unremembered.

All the gospels tell of the miracles of Jesus – folk who were healed. What had their lives been up to the moment of healing? How many went on to do what illness had once prevented? How many simply went back to what they had been, what they had once done?

There are few clues in the Bible stories which answer these questions; they are answers we shall never know, but can perhaps imagine.

About Author

Now retired, Rosi Morgan Barry worked as a speech-language therapist for many years and in that capacity had a number of professional publications. She also has been a Methodist lay preacher for fifty years – which meant a considerable number of sermons and stories for children and young people were written in that time.

‘A truly amazing book that looks at healing in the Bible’ Pastor Maria Yiangou, Senior Pastor of Victory in Christ Ministries

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