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Tales of the Unremembered by Rosi Morgan-Barry

Just published by Rosi Morgan-Barry, Tales of the Unremembered are stories taken from the Bible are about Jesus and His close relatives and friends.

These are the stories of some of the many unknown people who were there during those momentous years when Jesus was born grew up, taught, healed, suffered, died and rose again. They were people who knew his family, who were in the crowds and who listened, watched, went home and told others. Some continued to doubt, or could not accept or even try to understand the message of this man Jesus. But many became believers and went on to tell their stories.

About Author

RMorganBarryWriting has always been part of my life, between the demands and joys of work and bringing up as family. As a speech and language therapist I have a number of professional publications, as well as poetry and plays. I am also a Methodist lay preacher, so perhaps fifty years of writing sermons could be added to the list. – Rosi Morgan-Barry

Let their stories speak to us, for in them, we may find our own.

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