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The Exit by Jennifer Muthoni

Just published! A book by Jennifer Muthoni, The Exit, which gets us to think about the future and what God has planned for us.

Jesus said,’ therefore keep watch because you do not know on what day your Lord will come.’ It is called the day of the Lord set to happen in the future when God will make a new heaven and a new earth. The day only God knows. In this book the author discusses what we can do and prepare ourselves so that we can be included in the new heaven and earth. (The reference scriptures are-Matthew 24:42, 2nd Peter 3:10 and Revelation 21:1)

janniferAbout Author

Jennifer would not say she is qualified but, she says she was inspired by the Holy Spirit to write; God is a writer (Daniel 5:5, John 8:6b) and he gifts us with the gift of writing and writing fulfils the purposes of God on earth.

A wonderful book – thinking about the end! by Pastor Maria Yiangou, Senior Pastor of Victory in Christ International

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