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Parenting Apprenticeship by Eunice Essien

Just published! Parenting Apprenticeship by Eunice Essien, is a book about parenting teenagers.

Parenting teenagers has become a growing concern in our homes, communities and the church. Many mothers and fathers are unfulfilled in their roles as parents and many teenagers are emotionally unstable and feel unloved. The relationships between parents and their teenagers are difficult and sometimes resulting in estranged relationships with many teenagers ‘divorcing’ their parents. Eunice encounters difficulties and was at risk of her daughter ‘divorcing’ her when her daughter reaches adolescence. All the parenting strategies she used over the years suddenly ceased to work, causing frustrations, verbal battles and chaos at home.

About Author


My life lacked substance and purpose; my life was unfulfilling and devoid of peace in those times, I now call the first journey of my life because I had a weak foundation. My priorities were wrong affecting my children and my home. But then, grace located me and I now have a different story to tell.

I have 2 children (my blessings), my daughter and my son who are part of my story and supportive of my ministry.
I am also a trustee for Christ Compassion Minister International in the UK and I am a church leader. – Eunice Essien

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