Non-Human Characters Relatable When It Comes to Christian Publishing

The Veggie Tales books and movies have enjoyed a fantastic following, both young and old. These cartoon vegetable characters are used to tell some of the most amazing Christian stories ever. They have been cleverly used in teaching Christian values to children for decades. Christian publishers UK have a vast collection of similar books and movies that can be used to teach children about the basic tenets of Christianity.

How these characters affect the young psyche

Growing up, you must have had your own favorite characters in the books and movies that you used to watch. Children especially love cartoon characters, who fulfill that magical aspect of life, that they innately feel is in existence.

The imaginary world that children create when they read and watch movies that involve non-human characters gives a lot of credence to the truth that is found in Christianity. Christianity may seem baffling to the young mind, but children need to see the reason and sense that Christianity brings to the ultimate state that humans strive for.

This is where Christian Publishers UK and authors come in. They need to think of ways in which Christian tenets can be elaborated using the characters that children love. Herein lies the success of Veggie Tales and others of the same nature. Children love the stories and the songs that are used in these movies and books.

The impressionable minds of young children are ready to assimilate Christian values as long as they are disseminated in a manner that is interesting to them. You may have noticed that you child knows a particularsongs from a cartoon show, which you have never paid attention to. The young mind is geared this way, and Christian Publishers UK should take note of this and produce material that will be relatable to these young kids.

It is not all song and dance

Teaching Christian values to children is not all about the rosy aspects of Christianity. Christian Publishers UK should try and give a well-rounded lesson to these young minds. They have to know that evil exists in the world, and it is always rearing its head up at the most unexpected times. These children should be equipped with the ammunition to find answers to every situation in the lessons they learn.

The stories that Christian Publishers UK give to young children should embrace real-lifesituations. When you look at some of the stories found in Pastor Andy Yiangou’s Jungle Tales, you see that there re situations that are not perfect, and how the characters overcome these situations. The stories go ahead and paint the final lesson at the end, so the child can understand what basic tenet was embodied in the story.

Christian publishers UK need to use non-human characters, who are easily loved by children, to teach more about the Bible and Christianity as a whole. This way, the young generation will grow up into a healthy, Christian population, ready to turn the world towards Christianity simply because of the lessons that they leaned from an early age.

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