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A Curious Collection of Christian Poems by Joanna Yusuf

Here is a preview of A Curious Collection of Christian Poems by Joanna Yusuf, soon to be published.

A Curious Collection of Christian Poems is an assembly of 34 unique and quirky poems that have been inspired by Almighty God, to glorify Him, and to bless us. Some of the poems offer comfort and guidance, while others bear witness to the truths of the gospel. In addition, several poems tell a biblical story with a humorous take on it.

The one common theme running throughout every poem is the fact that they all point to God. This book can be devotional, and indeed it can be recited time and time again to bless others or to bless oneself. It will make an excellent gift for loved ones who know the Lord, or for those who are seeking him during these unsettled and unprecedented times. This diverse collection of uplifting poems will surely put a smile on your face, and a warm glow in your heart.

Get your copy soon!

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