The heart of the father

Extract from The Heart of a Father

The Heart of a Father is the culmination of a heart-felt longing to see fathers in the faith arise. Bill Thompson’s experience in working with Christian men has highlighted that many can come to faith, but few embark upon the adventure their Heavenly Father has in store for them.

In each chapter of the book it reveals different facets of the Father Heart of God, and how we can overtime look to embrace and even embody these. By doing so we can leave a lasting legacy.

Here is a preview of the book:

We have, at times, created an illusion that our relationship with the Lord will continue to grow if we maintain control over all our choices. It is not possible to call Him Lord whilst we are still on the throne of our lives! We will never know a deepening of the Father’s love in our hearts whilst we dictate the terms. The desire for control is motivated by fear; a fear that somehow in experiencing His embrace He might manipulate us to do something (or go somewhere) we have not been prepared for. Maybe we are worried that as we increasingly relinquish control of our lives to the Holy Spirit, we will not see the execution of our plans. I have some bad news. We might not!

Continual planning is a way we can use to assert control and if we are not careful this can become an idol. Even as I write this chapter, I am aware that this issue can be an Achilles heel for me. Excessive planning can reveal a distinct lack of trust. Before I am fully aware, I have mapped it all out, and then turn to Him to ask for His blessing upon it! Our surrender to His will must always be daily, inviting Him to exercise His Lordship over every aspect of our lives[1].

I was brought up to be a self-sufficient young man, something that is a core value largely embraced and valued by society today. As I continued on my way, by this time a believer, I started to see the cracks in this philosophy[2]. Even after I began to experience more of the freedom that His Holy Spirit brings, I was still trying to control what my relationship with God would be and look like. – Extract from Chapter 1, The Heart of a Father, Bill Thompson

[1] Proverbs 16:9

[2] 2 Corinthians 3:5 (Amplified Bible)


Check out his interview given on 28th November 2021 at his home church, Holy Trinity, Wester Hailes, Edinburgh.
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