Will the Internet Promote or Corrupt Christian Publishing?

The Internet has pervaded the lives of people all over the world, and this influence has reached into areas touching on religion and faith. You can easily find a Christian Bookstore UK that is selling Christian books online, in an effort to start a good relationship with people who use the Internet to buy goods and services. The Christian experience is now being pushed into cyberspace and one question stands above all – will the Internet promote or corrupt Christian publishing?

The World of online Christianity

One in every three churches has a website or other online channels of getting to build relationships with Christians online. Statistics show that 25% of Internet users have received some form of religious teaching online at one time or another. This figure is set to rise as many a Christian Bookstore UK set up online stores where they can sell Christian Titles to avid readers. People are treating the Internet as an ecclesiastical library to look for information that will inform their Christian beliefs. This shows that the Internet can indeed be used as a formidable channel to spread the Word of God.

The Concerns of online Christian channels

Any Christian Bookstore UK will say that there is a definite move towards online purchasing, and this may also be felt in other aspects of Christianity. People are now getting disembodied from physical churches as they seek for online churches to get their spiritual nourishment from. It is important for people to interact as they do when they go to physical churches, since they can discuss issues that are related to Christianity with other believers. This interaction is important in the creation of a vibrant Christian society or community.

Another concern that can be raised by a Christian Bookstore UK is information overload. There are too many books being sold online, with some providing differing opinions on the same Christian tenets. Which books should Christian readers rely on for the truth about their faith?

The Internet is very difficult to harmonize and the literature being disseminated online will always differ. This is the reason why publishers, authors and churches are concerned about the effect of the Internet on Christianity as a whole and Christian publishing.

The way forward
Kingdom Publishers, a leading Christian Bookstore UK, has urged Christians to follow guidelines that have been developed by some Christian learning institutions. Christians must look at:

  • The author or site creator, the credentials, background and experience.
  • The accuracy of the information available
  • The date that the information was published
  • The purpose of the information
  • The writing style

With these few guidelines, readers will be able to get information from a sustainable and stable source. Once a readers decides on getting information from one Christian Bookstore UK, or a particular author, he or she should keep this trend in order to get information that will provide consistent content.

With care, Christian publishing can be promoted by the Internet but there are also concerns that should be addressed with care.

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Christian Publishing and the eBook Boom

Electronic books, also known as eBooks, have become a popular means of getting literature to readers. The ales of electronic books have by far surpassed those of hardcover and paperback editions. Christian Publishers UK have embraced this kind of dissemination, with a wide range of publications available for Christian readers.

The audience for digital Christian books has continued to grow over the years. Many publishers have seen it grow exponentially and have structured their online stores to provide eBooks for their readers. How has the eBook boom affected the Christian publishing environment?

The Copyright Issue

The copyright issue was quite a sensitive one, when eBooks were launched. One book would eventually and up being distributed to so many people, thereby denying the author and publisher their dues for the intellectual property.

The main distribution software developers eventually developed ways in which copyrights could be protected. Digital signatures were developed which meant that a digital product could only be downloaded once to a particular computer or Smart device, and could not be distributed beyond that device.

This was great news for Christian Publishers UK and the world over. Finally digital books were protected and they could publish without fear. This kind of protection further accelerated the use of eBooks as a means of disseminating published Christian works.

More authors can be accommodated

Traditionally, Christian Publishers UK would have a warehouse where they would store books from the authors that they publish. There is a limit to the number of slots that you can have in a warehouse for such books. When it comes to eBooks, such limits become obsolete.

Christian Publishers UK were able to concentrate on quality without thinking of the confines of quality. It can take about 6 to 12 months to print a book, right from the manuscript stage to the final print edition, but when you look at digital eBooks, the final copy is ready within a very short time. This has resulted in more books being published in the digital platform within the same time that it would take to publish a single book.

The costs associated with printing books are minimized when it comes to digital eBooks. Christian Publishers UK have given authors a means of earning money from their published work, without having to incur large initial costs. Some authors prefer to have their printed editions done after they have reached certain sales benchmarks for their digital versions. This means that they will have some money to cover the costs of printing their books.

Christian Publishers UK have digital Christian eBooks from great authors such as Pastors Andy and Maria Yiangou. Their books appeal to both young and old, and have valuable Christian Lessons to teach. Publishers have taken up digital publishing to easily give people from all over the world, access to such inspiring books. Spreading the Word of God is not as difficult as it used to be in the past. eBooks have ensured that the books can be easily downloaded from Christian Publishers such as Kingdom Publishers UK.

Non-Human Characters Relatable When It Comes to Christian Publishing

The Veggie Tales books and movies have enjoyed a fantastic following, both young and old. These cartoon vegetable characters are used to tell some of the most amazing Christian stories ever. They have been cleverly used in teaching Christian values to children for decades. Christian publishers UK have a vast collection of similar books and movies that can be used to teach children about the basic tenets of Christianity.

How these characters affect the young psyche

Growing up, you must have had your own favorite characters in the books and movies that you used to watch. Children especially love cartoon characters, who fulfill that magical aspect of life, that they innately feel is in existence.

The imaginary world that children create when they read and watch movies that involve non-human characters gives a lot of credence to the truth that is found in Christianity. Christianity may seem baffling to the young mind, but children need to see the reason and sense that Christianity brings to the ultimate state that humans strive for.

This is where Christian Publishers UK and authors come in. They need to think of ways in which Christian tenets can be elaborated using the characters that children love. Herein lies the success of Veggie Tales and others of the same nature. Children love the stories and the songs that are used in these movies and books.

The impressionable minds of young children are ready to assimilate Christian values as long as they are disseminated in a manner that is interesting to them. You may have noticed that you child knows a particularsongs from a cartoon show, which you have never paid attention to. The young mind is geared this way, and Christian Publishers UK should take note of this and produce material that will be relatable to these young kids.

It is not all song and dance

Teaching Christian values to children is not all about the rosy aspects of Christianity. Christian Publishers UK should try and give a well-rounded lesson to these young minds. They have to know that evil exists in the world, and it is always rearing its head up at the most unexpected times. These children should be equipped with the ammunition to find answers to every situation in the lessons they learn.

The stories that Christian Publishers UK give to young children should embrace real-lifesituations. When you look at some of the stories found in Pastor Andy Yiangou’s Jungle Tales, you see that there re situations that are not perfect, and how the characters overcome these situations. The stories go ahead and paint the final lesson at the end, so the child can understand what basic tenet was embodied in the story.

Christian publishers UK need to use non-human characters, who are easily loved by children, to teach more about the Bible and Christianity as a whole. This way, the young generation will grow up into a healthy, Christian population, ready to turn the world towards Christianity simply because of the lessons that they leaned from an early age.

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