A Housewife's Extraordinary Journey With Jesus

God Can by Tanya Lord

Just published! God Can… by Tanya Lord about the wonderful and miraculous thing God can do in our lives.

 The author takes the reader on a journey of her experiences with God through prayer and faith. Tanya illustrates the importance of prayer and other themes, such as signs and wonders, God’s blessings, miracles, healing and the freedom from fear. She may just be an ordinary housewife, but she loves Jesus and has seen Him do amazing things and has experienced his love and favour, proving He can do what seems impossible making it possible.


TanyaAbout Author

Tanya Lord is a member of the Holy Trinity Church in Leicester and leads children’s groups in her church and has written many articles in various magazines, including the Children’s Work Magazine and the Prospect Magazine.

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the gift

Extract from The Gift

Ann Nunn’s book (assisted by Liz Leach Murphy), The Gift, takes a refreshing approach to painting an honest picture of the raw realities of being a Family Carer based on her first-hand experience, and explores how Ann’s Christian faith has been her lifeline and supported her through challenging times, whilst featuring practical teaching methods that can unlock the potential of a child living with learning difficulties.

Hear Ann Nunn live on #ucb2 Ruth O’Reilly’s show, THIS IS MY STORY from 9.30am, Tuesday 26th July! https://www.ucb.co.uk/ruth

Here is an extract from her book:

No-one to confide in
I was 21 and still very young at the time. None of my family members or friends had a similar job to the one I had at the hospital and this meant that I had no-one to confide in and talk to about what I was experiencing and observing. I didn’t have a role model or family member to take counsel with.

At that time there was nothing out of the ordinary about having huge hospitals/institutions to house people who “didn’t fit” into civil society. There was also nothing unusual about how Claybury Hospital was run as this is what was expected in these sorts of places. These types of hospitals were all over the place – thankfully that has changed, although institutional thinking still exists, and it can govern the way people are supported and treated by society.

When I now think about this place and I reflect on my time and experience there I still feel sad; it was a sad place and a place in which I would not be happy to have any family member or loved one of mine.

Through the community care movement of the 1990s and the initiative for people to be able to remain in their community and return to the community, Claybury Hospital was closed. There was a public inquiry held in 1997 and since the hospital’s closure the building has been converted into luxury apartments.

By Ann Nunn

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1000 Reasons to Praise the Lord - christian books

1000 Reasons to Praise the Lord

Just published! 1000 Reasons to Praise the Lord by Johnson Ajayi.

There are many reasons for men and women to praise the Lord. Some are obvious, like food, shelter and health; but others are less apparent. We often tend to take those obscure ones for granted or, we just don’t think of them. Furthermore, we have individual stories that teach us to thank God. Some are pleasant but some are harrowing. If we must thank God for all things, then, we must thank Him for reasons that teach or mould us.

Johnson’s book is a veritable encyclopaedia of reasons to praise God. A treasure trove of stories and lessons learned through life’s experiences and a lifetime of service as a doctor and Obstetrician-Gynaecologist. A rich compendium of real-life stories and some personal confessions! All seasoned with Johnson’s unique African-Nigerian history and perspective. Truly refreshing, uplifting, inspiring, motivating, empowering.

JohnsonAbout Author

I am a Fellow of the Royal College of Gynaecologists with 42 years of practice. I am also a practising Christian, a former Deacon at the Elim Pentecostal Church, Southport. I am a trained Christian Counsellor, teacher of undergraduate medical students, trainer of specialist doctors, who have given sermons and public speeches in the UK, Nigeria and South Africa. I also have a Master’s degree in Medico-legal Law from Cardiff University in Wales. I am married with three children, one of them a General Practitioner, another a journalist and a third who went to Dental School.

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Walking In The Supernatural By Victoria Owen | Get It Now - christian books

Walking in the Supernatural by Victoria Owen

Just published! Walking in the Supernatural by Victoria Owen, is a book that answers many life questions and addresses topics that people struggle to address simply because they don’t know the mind of God on the issues raised.

It’s full of short stories based on true stories, which helps the reader relate with the author. The author reveals many Supernatural encounters including Supernatural healings from covid-19 when her whole family in the UK was almost killed.

It’s comforting to those that have ever wondered were was God, and those that are bitter due to loss of a loved one by revealing the after death experience.

This book, will liberate women from religious spirits and societies by dealing with Eve, and other women of the bible.

You will also find this book like a time map, it reveals what will happen, things happening, we see the Author talk about the future of science, technology, chaos, the coming of the Lord and great signs and wonders the Lord will do through his children in the Last days.

About Author

She is a church planter, teacher of the word of God in great revelation, and an influential woman of God. At the age of 12, she led a prayer group in boarding school and requested for a church at the school which after taking her to church outside the school, she influenced more children to want to go to church to a point the school ended up planting one at the school. As a Youth God used her to raise up many young ministers and operated in many signs and wonders and miracles. In this book she shares about how, she challenged doctors in a cancer hospital in Manchester U.K by changing the death days of a patient that was meant to die In 3 days.

This is definitely Holy Ghost inspired as it will bring light to the reader and great liberation in Jesus’s name.

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Parenting Apprenticeship - christian books

Parenting Apprenticeship by Eunice Essien

Just published! Parenting Apprenticeship by Eunice Essien, is a book about parenting teenagers.

Parenting teenagers has become a growing concern in our homes, communities and the church. Many mothers and fathers are unfulfilled in their roles as parents and many teenagers are emotionally unstable and feel unloved. The relationships between parents and their teenagers are difficult and sometimes resulting in estranged relationships with many teenagers ‘divorcing’ their parents. Eunice encounters difficulties and was at risk of her daughter ‘divorcing’ her when her daughter reaches adolescence. All the parenting strategies she used over the years suddenly ceased to work, causing frustrations, verbal battles and chaos at home.

About Author


My life lacked substance and purpose; my life was unfulfilling and devoid of peace in those times, I now call the first journey of my life because I had a weak foundation. My priorities were wrong affecting my children and my home. But then, grace located me and I now have a different story to tell.

I have 2 children (my blessings), my daughter and my son who are part of my story and supportive of my ministry.
I am also a trustee for Christ Compassion Minister International in the UK and I am a church leader. – Eunice Essien

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The Exit By Jennifer Muthoni - christian books

The Exit by Jennifer Muthoni

Just published! A book by Jennifer Muthoni, The Exit, which gets us to think about the future and what God has planned for us.

Jesus said,’ therefore keep watch because you do not know on what day your Lord will come.’ It is called the day of the Lord set to happen in the future when God will make a new heaven and a new earth. The day only God knows. In this book the author discusses what we can do and prepare ourselves so that we can be included in the new heaven and earth. (The reference scriptures are-Matthew 24:42, 2nd Peter 3:10 and Revelation 21:1)

janniferAbout Author

Jennifer would not say she is qualified but, she says she was inspired by the Holy Spirit to write; God is a writer (Daniel 5:5, John 8:6b) and he gifts us with the gift of writing and writing fulfils the purposes of God on earth.

A wonderful book – thinking about the end! by Pastor Maria Yiangou, Senior Pastor of Victory in Christ International

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apples of gold in settings of silver

Apples of Gold in Settings of Silver

Just published! An interactive study book of Biblical Eschatology by Linda Artus and Barbara McCormick.

It deals with the importance of having a serious faith at this critical time in the history of the Church. This book includes what it means to have an intimate, working knowledge of God, how to avoid worldliness and secularization. It handles issues that damage our faith and the faith of others, and particularly what we need to know about our enemy, Satan.  And finally it considers the dangers involved when we are ignorant of the enlightenment of Scripture on End-Times Theology, aided by a lack of teaching in our churches that should be preparing us for the Lord’s return.

About the Authors

Linda ArtusLin has been a Christian for the last 50 years. She has served the church as a Bible teacher and has enjoyed working with children and young people for many years. She has been on the leadership team of her church for the last few years as Deacon and Church Secretary.

barbara mccormickBarbara came to faith in the early 70’s. At that time the Lord brought her through a very difficult period in her life, having foolishly opened herself to a hypnotist. God graciously delivered her and over the years has enabled her to help others who had similar problems.

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light in the darkness

Light in the Darkness by Paul Banthorpe

Just published! Light in the Darkness is a collection of 100 blog entries that  follows the events of the first national Covid enforced lockdown in the Spring of 2020.

Starting as a pastime narrative of weekly musings, the author is called into a deeper reflection on his own faith and considers how the wider Christian community can respond to the growing fear and uncertainty brought about by the Global pandemic. Subsequently, this initial three month lockdown experience is seen through the eyes of a middle aged, middle class suburban family man who offers his own insights into events, sometimes with a touch of creative licence! Over the course of the writing the themes of hope and light emerge culminating in an ending that was as unexpected as it was welcoming to the writer and his family. God does work in very mysterious ways!

About Author

Paul BanthorpeI have been writing material for many years for both secular and Christian contexts – mainly for drama (including a full Christian stage play in 2003), and more recently online/social media narrative for education.

I have worked in further and higher education for 30 years with a specialism in coaching and teacher development. I am married to Diana who also works in education. We have four children between us from previous marriages, the youngest is now 17. We are active members of the local Baptist church in Redhill and have recently started to lead a home fellowship group. – Paul Banthorpe

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Christian Poems - christian books

Christian Poems by S. K. Haddad

Just published! The book Christian Poems – Honouring Christ by S. K. Haddad. This poetry book deals with Christian topics that are found in the Bible, and there is much written about the Lord Jesus Christ.

There are some poems of nature, for God is the Creator, and some poems of oppression because sinful actions are a consequence of the Fall.

About Author

Dr S. K. Haddad was born in Palestine to Lebanese parents. He came to England to study Medicine, which he did at the universities of Cambridge and London. He specialized in Neurosurgery and worked in this field.

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spiritual reflections - christian books

Spiritual Reflections by Benjamin Neesham

Just published! Spiritual Reflections takes the reader on a tour through the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, providing an insight into many well-known verses, as well as some that might be a little more obscure.

The primary intention of this devotional-style text is to introduce people to Jesus, in a way that dispels many of the myths about Him that are perpetuated by the secular media, and sadly reinforced by numerous church-based organisations. We know from Scripture that God is the very definition of love, and these reflections demonstrate the extent to which He was willing to give the best that He has, in the form of His Son, to release us from judgement, into eternal glory, provided that we are willing to accept His free gift of salvation.

While historical context and exposition abound, this book goes beyond exegetical analysis to bring the Scriptures to life, in a way that enables the reader to apply Biblical principles to their twenty-first century lives. There is something here for everyone: the seasoned believer will find new insights into God’s Word and encouragement to face the challenges that are integral to our time here on earth, while new Christians will be nourished by the rich experience of encountering Jesus in the pages of the Old Testament, as well as the New. However, ‘Spiritual Reflections’ has primarily been written for people who have not yet accepted Jesus as their Saviour, or who may be struggling to find relevance in their faith. All of the major topics, such as physical pain, grief and injustice, that can frequently be seen as stumbling-blocks to faith, are addressed, using Scripture to demonstrate the reassuring truth that God is in control.

About Author

“I spent my formative years in the south of England: first in Sussex, and then Cornwall, before moving to Wales, which is still the place that I regard to be home.  I  relocated to the Isle of Lewis in 2004 and, although my professional qualification is in statistics, I have always had a love of writing.  My only published work to date is a small collection of poems, ‘Just A Plain Old Joe’, but work-related projects that led to me drafting various bulletins and training guides gave me the confidence to believe that writing prose may be within my capability.” – Benjamin Neesham

This book can never be a substitute for daily Bible reading, but for anyone who doesn’t yet know the Lord, it’s the perfect introduction!

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