a universe apart against the tide

A Universe Apart Against the Tide

Just published! A Universe Apart Against the Tide by John Cockerill

The erroneous religion of evolution is robbing millions of an open ear to the gospel, many Christians are confused and adopting theories that may placate their confusion. In simple terms, through nature, prophecy, common sense and logic I attempt to expose the weakness of evolutions stance, and cast iron proven claims of Biblical prophecy.

About the author

Like Elihu in Job 32, I am full or words. Saved at 32 through familiar spirit involvement, some publicity, interview on Revelation TV, retired refrigeration engineer, at present my church is Assemblies of God.

My wife and I were involved in the setting up of a church on our estate, our house was a magnet for young people. I still do help out with the youth meeting at my church. I have kept note of the creation/evolution debate now for around 50 years and have a desire to communicate my thoughts on the subject.

I have no academic qualification to offer, however I feel the debate I have written of is too often couched in scientific esoteric language, often leaving more questions than answers. I have written out testimony into the book, chapter 8, as evidence of the truth of a spiritual dimension.

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