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Experiencing ups and downs in your marriage? Marriage in general has highs and lows. In I do, I do, I do, Love always wins, by Patricia Gault, is a love story that has twists and turns! It is a personal testimony about how God restored Pat’s marriage.

Here is a preview of her book:

Initially, I felt I would be a fool to let go of this one – there before me was this tousle-haired young fellow sporting a cheeky grin, and with the most piercing blue eyes ever. In his early twenties, just a year my senior, he was innocently handing out a tray of hors d’oeuvres.  His voice, which I have always found attractive, was as someone recently described it, rich, smooth and velvety. My knees were doing the proverbial knocking and I was totally bowled over – as the expression goes. ‘Where have you been all my life?’ I mused. The feeling seemed mutual. Although it was like love at first sight – it was more like lust at first sight. Who can say what love is when you first set eyes on someone? It takes years to learn what the ‘love’ word really means. But I was hooked, and I understood that in order to keep this one interested, rightly or wrongly, I had better play at ‘hard to get.’ So, quite out of character, I decided rather callously to play it cool; that I would two-time him for a good few weeks after that first encounter.  This was so not my usual style; my little ploy worked though. Having been snubbed a few times on a few dates, James finally called on me where I was renting a room from an aunt and uncle of mine in West London and declared his intentions towards me were serious – at which stage I waved the other chap goodbye – permanently.

      For the first little while it was James, Pat and Hugo. No, not another person – but a big, black and white, spotty, slobbering dog belonging to my aunt and uncle; Hugo seemed to enjoy coming along for the ride, as if he was my personal escort. We would all squeeze into James’s small whizzy sports car and spend many happy hours driving to the coast, the country or just to the local park, where we would walk and walk, talk and talk, generally getting to know each other better.  I would then be dropped off in West London, whilst James spent many hours removing Hugo’s copious bits of short hair from his beloved car.

       After a few weeks, I had moved into a flat in north London, shared with a friend. In the end that proved to be just a temporary arrangement. As James and I became more and more involved, so we started to look for suitable rental accommodation; I knew I wanted to be married to this man, and permanently. But supposing he didn’t feel the same? Was I going to regret this decision?

– Extract from I do, I do, I do, Patricia Gault


I do, I do, I do – Love Always Wins is available now!