Book of 101 Thoughts

Book of 101 Thoughts – Master your Mind and Conquer the World

‘Book of 101 Thoughts – Master your Mind and Conquer the World’ written by David Andrew. This book looks at various aspects of one’s life and makes the reader think about those areas.

The author has divided the book into 7 sections and talks to us about each section. These sections include Business, Environment, Mindset, Practical, Relationship, Spiritual and Social. In the part where we think about being a follower of Christ and not a fan, here the author describes the difference with a fan is that they will jump, sing and shout and then walk away at the end. However, a follower of Christ, will be one that understands the commitment, the cost and even the risk of following Jesus no matter what people or society may think of that person. David then leaves a page for your own thoughts about being a fan or follower of Christ.


Many times you see authors and coaches trying to make a name for themselves losing track of what coacking is all about…helping others through your experince. David gets that 100%. Not only does he help others officially as a coach and author but his kindness is beyong anyone I know’
Brian Hilliard, Author of 7 books on coacking and mentoring and a speaker


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About the Author

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David Andrew was born in Mumbai, India, to a loving Christian family. Moreover, at age twenty-five, he came to a Bible College in Birmingham, UK, to study mission work and has lived here for over thirty-five years.

David’s professional background and experience come from working for the Civil Service and the Local Government accumulative for twenty-seven years in Print, Advertising, Marketing, and Sales. He enjoys talking and helping people from personal experience of highs and hitting rock bottom that transformed his life by revisiting and revaluating for seven years his belief in several aspects of his Christian faith spanning over five decades.

David’s colleagues and people who know him spotted David’s natural ability to coach and mentor his style of conversations with people, which enabled him to notice the difference it makes for them. With that burning passion, David retired early in 2018 and qualified as a professional coach and mentor. He founded David Andrew Coaching as his business and began professionally coaching university students, business owners, mid-career professionals, and prison inmates. David has seen a positive impact of coaching on his clients by applying his Christian values and principles to his coaching style. He describes the positive results for his clients as his greatest reward.

David is the founder of David Andrew Coaching and the CEO and co-founder with Lana Maher, a co-founder, a life coach, and the Managing Director of Happy Work Environment Limited. They are global corporate wellness coaches and consultants.

David famously says to his clients, “Your past has brought you to the present – You can decide the present to take you to your future” – Let the coaching begin!