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Extract from Building Our Faith Walk

This epidemic has shattered many of our dreams and hopes for 2020 but we know that God is in control despite coronavirus. Building Our Faith Walk by Janet Wilson encourages us to connect and find meaning in our experiences, through poetry. God inspired Janet to write these poems to bring hope and encouragement to all those that have suffered one way or another. The proceeds of this book will be donated to the NHS (National Health Service) in the UK for the remarkable work they have done being in the frontline.


This, at that time, was a cry to God to
help me through the pain of bereavement
after being denied access to my mother
and two children who themselves had
to adhere to the rules of the church as regards
complete separation from the world,
believing, as I once did, that their church’s
demands were justifiable and that complete
separation was the only way to please Christ.

I stand in the valley, the valley of tears,
Calling my God, who’s the Ancient of years,
He say’s I’m his child, it will all work for good,
And all in his presence will be understood,
Reflecting life’s sorrows one day will I see,
This road that I tread God had planned it for me?

It’s hard to hold on when my faith is so weak,
Strengthen me now, Lord, your presence I seek,
O God of all ages, O God of my past,
O God of my future on thee I am cast,
Bring joy in my darkness and peace in this storm,
Hold me and keep me with hope for the dawn.

My Shepherd and Saviour, my Guide and my God,
Let me bend to your will, your staff and your rod,
Bring light to my way as I walk through the dark,
With a sense of your love that will lighten my heart,
Let me feel, let me know that your still at my side,
Let your peace overcome all this hurt that’s inside.

Shine a light in my darkness; bring peace to my pain,
Show me your presence; come closer again,
Roll back the clouds that your face may appear,
Or a touch of your hand to prove you are near,
A beacon of hope, a word from your throne,
Prove I’m wrapped in your arms and I don’t walk alone.

Help me to trust you, to trust in your love,
To feel you are near not remote far above,
Though waters are raging they will not consume,
Through rejection and sadness, please, see I reach home,
Show me your promises, trusted and sure,
Hold me and keep me and help me endure.

Then let me praise through the height of the storm,
Though mingled with sadness let joy be reborn,
Let me walk through this valley accepting your will,
Knowing you love me and walk with me still,
Help me remember, each crisis in life,
Your presence, Lord Jesus, will always suffice.

– Extract from Building Our Faith Walk, Janet Wilson