Treasures in the Darkness

‘Treasures in the Darkness’ by Alice Wilson – Sharp, who explains how in the dark times we are most vulnerable and that is where God shows us His treasures.

Alice talks about a vision that she had once she had been going through a hard time and how God started showing her hidden treasures through visions. Here she explains that this is because when we are at our weakest, God can speak to us more clearly showing us deeper truths and treasures of the Kingdom!

I Alice’s own words, ‘Salvation through jesus Christ is our reason for hope and it is through scripture that we find knowledge and encouragement about the wonders of that salvation’
Lyndall Baywater – Christian Speaker, Author and Broadcaster


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About the Author

Alice is a qualified teacher with an MA in History. She currently works for a church in the U.K. and enjoys creating prayer resources that draw people closer to the heart of God. Her writing focuses on equipping and enabling Christians to stand firm in faith in all circumstances, using the Bible as a life-bringing tool and manual.