The 3 A's by D S Reynolds

Extract from The 3 A’s

The 3 A’s , (Align, Assign, Accomplish) Christian Life and Development by D. S Reynolds, is here to help individuals align with the Word of God.

What it’s about…

It is wonderful to know that whatever it is he wants us to do, he equips us with the necessary tools and resources that we need. However, this often needs to be coupled with us exercising obedience, faith and trust in Him.

Here is an extract…

What is Alignment?

I have spent some time sharing some very personal information and the question should be asked what all this has to do with alignment.

Alignment can be defined as: Arrangement in a straight line or in correct relative positions. A position of agreement or alliance. ( web.18 May 2020)

In order for something to be aligned, there needs to be awareness that it is not straight or not in the correct position. It needs to be lined up with something else. For example, the wheel of a car can be impacted by hitting a kerb or pothole that can result in the wheel becoming misaligned. If that does occur, then that will impact on the wear and tear of the tyres. It can also affect the steering of the vehicle. Misaligned tyres can also cause vibration in the steering wheel which makes the car more difficult to handle. In extreme cases, misalignment can result in a pull to one side causing the car not to drive in a straight line. Driving with misaligned tyres, particularly at speed, can be dangerous, especially if a blow-out should occur.

One can apply the principle of misalignment to life in a similar way. An external situation can impact upon a person’s life so much so that it affects who they are, what they become and how they perceive themselves. This whole process is not necessarily intentional by any means, just as it is very unlikely that someone intentionally hits a kerb or pothole whilst driving.

These events usually occur by accident or through a circumstance beyond your control. It may be some time before you even realise how much damage has been caused to the vehicle. Initially, the damage may appear to be subtle, but over time you usually become aware that the car is not performing to its full potential. If you are not sure what is causing the problem, you are likely to go to a mechanic, explain the issues you are experiencing, and the mechanic is likely to undertake a diagnostic analysis to identify the problem. In this day and age, we are very blessed with technology and we may be inclined to check things out on Google. However, this is not a problem that can easily be resolved remotely. The car needs to be taken to a garage where the mechanic has access to the correct machinery and equipment to resolve the problem.

Similarly, when we hit our potholes in life, it is imperative we apply the same principle of identifying that something is misaligned within us. There is usually some indication; you know within yourself, when something is not quite right. You may have had those moments where you ask yourself questions like, Why do I react like that in those situations? or Why do I experience these emotions under these circumstances? or Why do I seem to attract the wrong people? or Why am I not like….?

– Written by D S Reynolds

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