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Christian Publishing Delivering the World from Secular Privilege

There has been a lot of misunderstanding about the Christian faith from the secular world. The term “Christianophobia” was coined to show just how the secular world looks down upon things that pertain to the Christian faith. In one case, a Colorado State University Christian organization applied for a grant to get a speaker to come and speak about Christianity at the college. The grant was turned down, and this led to a serious court case, where the student’s organization claimed that they were discriminated against since they were Pro-Christianity.

It is up to Christian publishing to deliver the world from such secular privilege, by coming up with books that teach about Christianity in a manner that is acceptable to the secular world. Any Christian Bookshop UK should have publications that will appeal to a secular audience, but have a Christian message.

Secularity and its effect on daily life

The secular world has always tried to maintain a sort of secular exclusivity especially to things that are based on the Christian faith. For example, a hospital may be looking for a doctor who would not hesitate to give an emergency abortion to a mother who may lose her life. The secular world will prefer a doctor who is not firmly rooted in Christianity, as opposed to one who upholds the Christian faith and may hesitate to perform such a procedure. The hospital management will be thinking of the financial implications of lawsuits brought about by such decisions, and therefore favor the non-Christian doctor.

Events such as these happen in daily life, but there is a need for the secular world to start accepting Christian tenets and norms as part of daily life too. This is where Christian publishing and Christian Bookshop UK come in.

The solution to secular privilege

The secular world has also accused Christians of promoting Christian privilege when it comes to sharing resources from a Christian organization or institution. However, secular privilege is much more embedded than Christian privilege. Christian publications and Christian Bookshop UK should address these issues from a “world view”. Issues surrounding both Christian and Secular privilege should be addressed academically and spiritually.

People have to know why they react as they do when secularism and Christianitycollide. They need to know how to handle issues that stem from such situations. Christian publications and Christian Bookshop UK are some of the best channels to do so, since they do have an unbiased world view.

All situations should be approached with alternatives from both pedagogies. What would a Christian do, and what would a non-Christian do in any situation that brings about these privileged view on issues?

The Christian Bookshop UK should have books that encourage conversation and not confrontation. Christian authors and publishers should be the first to out an end to this kind of view, since they are supposed to be more accepting and welcoming.

Christian publishing has a great role to play in changing these kinds of views. It is time that they picked up the mantle and set the world free from secular and/or Christian privilege.

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