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Extract from Love, God and Relationships

  Love, God & Relationships explores the reasons why it is important to put God first in your life and the different ways you are able to honour Him. This book encapsulates how living for God is not always easy but there are reasons why it is worth it.   Here is an extract from […]

The Year God Introduced Himself With A Prayer For Non-Believers

Just published! Michael Flounders’ book The Year God Introduced Himself With A Prayer For Non-Believer. As a child growing up in rural Suffolk, I was surrounded by the countryside, in awe of this amazing creation in which I lived. As a child every Sunday I would attend my village Sunday school. There the teachers would give […]

Whatever Next?!?!

Just published! Whatever Next?!?! by Lilyanne Joy. We are in the end times and so many people are not aware of it. In writing to my family, it occurred to me that maybe others would appreciate the simplifies message. The Book of Revelation is difficult to understand and this little book is an easy read […]

The 3 A’s – Align, Assign, Accomplish

Just published! The 3 A’s , Christian Life and Development by D. S Reynolds. The purpose of this book is to help individuals align with the Word of God. Once aligned and in the correct position, God can then assign us to undertake tasks on His behalf and finally empower us to accomplish whatever it […]

Extract from The Plans I Have For You

The Plans I Have For You draws from talks that he has given at his local church, sermons which Alan reworked as studies from the word of God that can be read, rather than merely listened to. The subject matter covers a range of topics from both Old and the New Testament, but the message of […]

Extract from Welcome to the Soul Clinic of the Lord

Gina Osei’s book Welcome to the Soul Clinic of the Lord which addresses the full Gospel of Jesus Christ and the fact that He came to set the captives free. Here is an extract from her book below: Chapter 2 – Sound Doctrine It is very important for us to walk worthy of our vocation. […]

Books for children

Are you looking for some Christian children’s books to read to your children? Reading books to our children helps them learn and improve language skills for communication. Some children’s books available to entertain them this holidays are: 1 – Emilia, the King and the Place Beyond This book is about a little girl Emilia who […]


Experiencing ups and downs in your marriage? Marriage in general has highs and lows. In I do, I do, I do, Love always wins, by Patricia Gault, is a love story that has twists and turns! It is a personal testimony about how God restored Pat’s marriage. Here is a preview of her book: Initially, I felt […]

Extract from Gospel Stories

Michael Wests’ book Gospel Stories are stories that provide an easy and accessible way for folk who don’t know much about Christianity to get a better understanding of who Jesus is, and the love he has for everyone. The stories try and imagine what was going through the minds of various people who had met […]

Extract from Nicodemos You Must Be Born Again

Pastor Abrahams’ book, ‘Nicodemos you must be born again’ is a complete self-interpreted message to the children and the men of God, who have been in ministry for many years, claim to be doing well in ministry, but still needs to be born again. Some have promoted themselves to Bishops, Apostles, Pastors, Prophets and Evangelists […]